Nobody plans on being breached, but the odds that it can happen to you are uncomfortably high. And industry research shows that automation can deliver quantifiable, significant risk management returns. But many organizations are reluctant to fully embrace automated incident response for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Security automation will be too complex and expensive to deploy
  • Security alerts are too inaccurate to trigger the right response
  • Ensuring that the right action is executed every time is too difficult to control
  • Executing the wrong action may do more damage than the initial threat

LogicHub addresses these concerns in numerous ways, giving you flexible options for deploying security automation without the concerns typically associated with an enterprise SOAR platform. Learn the top 4 common objections to security automation and how LogicHub will help you overcome them in this free eBook.












Within a couple of weeks of onboarding they notified us of a serious activity, which we most likely would not have discovered on our own
Ray Espinoza

Ray Espinoza

Director of Security at Cobalt