Your cyber security analysts are overwhelmed while threats continue to grow. Automating key SOC processes would provide obvious benefits, but with the plethora of product choices how do you get started, how should you evaluate SOAR solutions, and what do you need to watch out for?

This Buyer's Guide provides a comprehensive set of resources to help you pull together an educated and well-informed security automation strategy.

Download the practical guide on evaluating and implementing a SOAR solution to learn:

  • Are you ready for Security Automation?
  • The key pillars of Intelligent Security Automation
  • Case studies from a Top 10 Bank and more
  • How to evaluate a solution that is right for you
  • Buyer's checklist of security automation capabilities
  • Common pitfalls to avoid











Within a couple of weeks of onboarding they notified us of a serious activity, which we most likely would not have discovered on our own
Ray Espinoza

Ray Espinoza

Director of Security at Cobalt