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Implementing a best practices approach for better detection and response

Two of the biggest hurdles every security operations team needs to overcome are the lack of time and a shortage of available resources. No matter what aspect of cyber security you’re delivering, it takes both to properly plan, implement, tune, and manage an effective program. And any inefficiency can result in a failure to detect and respond to critical threats in time to prevent a costly breach or other potentially catastrophic damage. That’s why a standardized approach to security based on community shared best practices is so important.

This eBook will give you an introduction to:

  • MITRE ATT&CK Tactics and Techniques
  • How to plan your security operations around a best practices approach
  • Sample use cases for practical application of the ATT&CK framework
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"Within a couple of weeks of onboarding they notified us of a serious activity, which we most likely would not have discovered on our own"

- Ray Espinoza, Director of Security at Cobalt