How to Secure GitHub with Automated Threat Detection

Your developers love managing their source code in GitHub. Whether this is crucial Intellectual Property, or critical applications that run your business, how do you ensure this source code isn’t being accessed by unauthorized actors?

Introducing ThreatGPS for GitHub, a breakthrough in automated threat detection that starts providing a high quality alert feed in just a few clicks.  Join this webinar to learn how you can easily turn on automated threat detection for all GitHub repositories.

We will cover the following:
  • Potential data leaks with GitHub, what to watch out for
  • Gaining 360 degree view of all GitHub audit events
  • Automating suspicious pattern detection
  • Finding repos left open to public by mistake
  • Creating automation that learns and improves over time

This webinar will be led by Kumar Saurabh, CEO and Co-founder of LogicHub.