SOC Automation Case Study - Maricopa Community Colleges

Maricopa Community Colleges faced a common challenge - receiving too many suspicious login alerts from their G Suite. With no SOC Automation, it was tedious and difficult to investigate every alert and they did not have the resources to manually follow up with every user to determine whether this was an actual attack on their systems.

Faced with limited resources, the security team implemented advanced SOC automation to help them better detect and respond to attacks and alerts. SOC Automation helped them improve their security posture, protect other applications and accounts from being compromised, and quickly notify the security team and users of malicious activity without having to add expensive additional headcount to their staff.

Rich Lang, Technical Director of Information Technology Security will discuss how Maricopa Community Colleges used SOC automation to:
  • Automate analysis of each G Suite login alert
  • Incorporate end users into process to directly effect change
  • Send and receive automated SMS notifications from users
  • Protect against phishing attacks and secure user accounts
  • Prevent future breaches
  • Save the time equivalent of an entire FTE